As a native Texan with more than 40 years in the ranching community, Nolan Ryan knows his beef.

That is why after many years of trying to find a consistent steak he decided the only way to guarantee beef to be great each time was to start his own brand and that is just what he did. 

A Word From Nolan

Our commitment to quality begins at the ranch and carries all the way through to the meat counter. We know customers want choices, so we are proud to offer our Nolan Ryan Angus Beef, 34 Prime Beef and Grass Fed Beef programs.

I have high standards when it comes to beef. After years of trying to find a consistently flavorful steak, I decided the only way to guarantee excellent beef every time was to start my own brand. I gathered several of my ranching friends and enlisted some of the top meat scientists and beef marketing experts in the world. 


Cattle are handpicked by a Nolan Ryan Beef expert for quality, tenderness and taste. Every part of the program is closely monitored to ensure humane treatment of the animals, which we know leads to a better beef eating experience – every time. 


Each cut is aged and hand selected by our trusted suppliers. Our Prime Beef is highly desired for its marbling, juiciness, tenderness and flavor. And in case you were wondering where the name comes from, 34 was Nolan Ryan’s jersey number, which has been retired by both the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers.


Goodstock Is Certainty

You need the quality, the flavor, and the value to be right every single time. Only Goodstock can deliver on that promise with the care and goodness our customers, partners, and livestock deserve. These guiding principles of our Founder, Nolan Ryan, lead us onward. With Goodstock, everything can be certain.

The benchmark for flavorful beef. Consistently juicy and tender, Goodstock Angus is aged to perfection and prepared with thought and care. Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients. Just real Angus beef.

Only the best makes the cut. Craft beef, prepared and selected by hand. Goodstock Prime beef transcends the senses and elevates eating experiences.

Bringing it back to our roots. Pasture rich 100% grass-fed beef with zero additives. Never administered antibiotics or growth hormones, only true all natural beef.

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