Nolan Ryan Brands & Kroger Partner For Hurricane Laura Relief

This past weekend, Nolan Ryan Brands and Kroger partnered to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Laura. Members of the Nolan Ryan Brands Houston-area team made the trip to the hard-hit Lake Charles region to provide meals to those in need and assist in cleanup and repair efforts. In addition to the donations provided by Nolan Ryan Brands, Kroger sent a caravan of 18-wheeler trucks carrying ice, water, and food as well as a portable pharmacy.

Nolan Ryan Brands set up a socially distanced food station in front of the Lake Charles Kroger where volunteers cooked and served more than 3,000 Nolan Ryan Beef hot dogs for first responders, Kroger employees, and locals impacted by the storm. The day was a great reminder of what it means to be #TexasStrong and volunteers and Nolan Ryan Brands team members demonstrated the incredible power of community and perseverance during these unprecedented times. It is moments like this that make Nolan Ryan Brands proud to be a Kroger partner for almost 20 years.